1st Class - Room 2

First Class  Room 2

  • We can’t believe how fast our time in 1st class is going by.
  • At the beginning of February, we celebrated ‘Friendship Week’ in our school. We had a great time engaging in some ‘Team Building’ Games in the hall, as well as working with boys from Mr. Powers 6th class to make some friendship bracelets.
  • Since Christmas we have loved learning about money and the various coins which exist. Recently we have been focusing on the topic of ‘Length’, where we got the chance to use rulers to measure various items as well as drawing lines of our very own.
  • Currently we are learning all about ‘The Farm’, the names of the various animals and their young, as well as the different foods which are produced on a farm. We can’t wait for our trip to St Anne’s City Farm at the end of February.

We are so busy in Room 2

  • Room 2 have been working so hard since we returned to school in September.
  • Every morning we practice our reading and writing skills during Power hour with Ms Egan, Ms Walsh/Ms Connaughton and Mr Irvine, and we are making great progress.
  • In our Maths lessons we love to use our cubes to help us to add 2 numbers or more.
  • To celebrate Maths Week, we enjoyed working together while playing some Maths themed board games.
  • We have been very busy during our afternoon Stations where we have been learning all about the vocabulary and changes associated with Autumn.
  • We are currently very busy creating ‘Clay Monsters’ just in time for Halloween.