5th Class - Room 12

5th Class – Room 12

This month, we have been looking at the history and geography of Ireland. Work has begun on the Easter Rising and the class created a fantastic collaborative art project entitled “In Dublin’s Fair City”. See if you can spot any famous landmarks  in the picture!


Our unit on World War Two has finally come to an end. We finished the unit by reading “Once” by Morris Gleitzman as our class novel and putting together amazing projects. The winner of the WW2 projects – as judged by our support teacher Mr O’Donnell – was the Emergency!


During Friendship Week, we were very lucky to have been invited to take part in a Positive Peer Relationships workshop with Peter McAuliffe, an Australian speaker. The boys engaged in a variety of team-building games and participated in interesting discussions around subjects such as confidence, motivation, accountability for our own actions and collaboration. It was very enjoyable and beneficial!

5th Class – Room 12

We hit the ground running here in Room 12! The boys have been very busy – both in and outside the classroom! Swimming on Wednesday mornings has been going – well – swimmingly! We are also participating in the Marathon Kids programme and are now running 14 laps of the yard – maith sibh!


Back in the classroom, the boys are working hard. In Art, we studied famous abstract artists before creating our own abstract piece. World War II is our History topic for October so we have selected The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas as our class novel for Power Hour. Finally, attendance has been fantastic since the return to school, with a full house almost every day – keep up the great work!