Internet Safety

Internet Safety


In St. Canice’s BNS we recognise the huge benefits associated with the internet.  The internet contributes to our students learning experiences and helps them engage in a wide range of online activities.  In school we remind children children about the importance of internet safely both in school and outside of school.


Our school broadband is filtered by the Department of Education meaning that a huge number of unwanted and unnecessary websites are blocked.  We also have an Internet Acceptable User Policy in place that reminds us of our responsibilities as well as the rules when using the internet in school.  Our Mobile Phone/Handheld Device/Wearable Device Policy also aims to keep our students and staff safe while in school.  This also gives children a welcome break from technology during the day and in turn helps promote socialisation and dialogue among our students while on the school grounds.


We have also developed some information about how to stay safe on the internet.  We encourage parents and children to regularly discuss the best was to stay safe online.



Some Internet Safety Rules


Here are some tips to help children stay safe online whether they are in school or at home. Remember, it is always very important to always be careful when on the internet. It can be a fun place but we have to respect each other and ourselves when surfing the web.
  1. Always ask for permission before going online.
  2. Never give out personal details.
  3. Never arrange to meet someone online.
  4. Tell somebody if you see something on the internet that you think is inappropriate.
  5. Never be mean behind your screen. It is not nice. How would you feel?
  6. Bullying is always wrong and unacceptable behaviour; never overlook or ignore it.
  7. Don’t reply to messages that are meant to annoy you. This is exactly what they want.
  8. Keep the message; you don’t have to read it, but keep it as proof. It is vital to have a record of the incident when you look for help or want to report it.
  9. Tell someone you trust.
    It could be your parents, grandparents, teacher, older brother or sister.
    To chat with someone from Childine in confidence on
  10. Respect yourself and others.
    Know your rights Be creative! Be yourself! Be in control!