Our school has a huge amount of resources that enhance the experience of the children that we teach.


We are fortunate to have a large highly motivated and dedicated teachers and SNAs who provide excellent learning experiences for our students in a welcoming and caring environment.  We are fortunate to have Karen, our secretary, and Joe, our caretaker, who work tirelessly for the school community.  Sylvia as part of our ancillary staff works hard each day in our school.  


Classrooms and SET Rooms

We have classrooms and SET Rooms that are well resourced.  These resources include 

  • ICT resources
  • Literacy Resources
  • STEM resources
  • Musical and Visual Arts Resources
  • SPHE and Wellbeing Resources
  • SESE Resources


PE Hall with lots of PE Resources

We have a large PE hall where students engage in a number of sports and activities for PE.  We have a number of PE resources in our school and we restock these resources regularly.  We ensure that children get a sense of fun and enjoyment through taking part in a wide range of sports. 


We are very fortunate to have a number of visiting coaches to our school.  Our school regularly have coaches who teach children the skills of a number of sports.  Our pupils from 3rd to 6th Class attend swimming classes in Finglas Pool annually. Our other coaches include
  • Swimming
  • Gaelic Football
  • Hurling
  • Basketball
  • Cycling
  • Boxing
School Garden and School Grounds
We have developed a very beautiful Garden area in our school that
children can go to visit with their teacher.  There are a number of
benches and seats for children to go to to eat, read and do lessons.  We
also have a very well maintained yard and grass area where children can
play and do sports when the weather is good.
School Teams
We are fortunate to have a number of staff members who give up
their own time to take school teams.  We have a number of teams that
represent our school in competitions
  • Gaelic Football
  • Hurling
  • Athletics
  • Chess
  • Quizzes


Special Education

We have 9 Special Education teachers.  We provide a range of supports
including in-class supports as well as withdrawal supports for
children.  Our classroom teachers, Special Education Teachers and SNAs
work collaboratively to ensure that we maximise the learning experiences
of all our pupils every day. 



We have always kept up to date with technological innovations in the
school setting.  We have invested in many ICT resources over the years. 
Some of the resources include

  • Interactive Whiteboards in each classroom
  • PCs in each Classroom, SET Room and office
  • Laptop Trolley timetabled for students
  • iPad Trolley timetabled for students
  • Sound system in the PE Hall
  • Projector and Motorised Screen in the PE Hall
  • Gigabit WiFi capabability throughout the school
  • Fibre Broadband provided by and filtered by Department of Education
We have a school library that is stocked with a wide array of books that caters for all children from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.  We continue to develop this valuable area of our school and we plan to buy new library books in the near future.  The library books will continue to enhance the reading experiences and develop the literacy skills of the children in our school. 
HSCL and Parents’ Room

We are fortunate to have a Hone School Community Liaison teacher who works hard at creating and maintaining links between our school, parents and the wider community.  We have a dedicated Parents’ Room that is used for a number of activities run by our Home School Community Liaison teacher.




Various Initiatives
We have a number of various initiatives that we have become involved in over the past number of years and some of these include
  • Wizard of Words
  • Rainbows
  • Roots of Empathy
  • Active Schools Flag
  • Green Schools Flag and Green Schools Committee
  • Amber Flag and Wellbeing Committee
  • Student Council
  • Wellbeing Activities