Junior Infants - Room 7

Room 7

We have had a hectic few months in room 7! Not only have we been learning our sounds in English and all about our numbers in Maths, we’ve been spending lots of time exploring other areas of the curriculum.

 In December, the Christmas spirit really hit! We performed our Christmas play ‘A King is Born’ for our parents and family members and we were SUPERSTARS! We had to learn a lot of songs and remember our special lines> Our teachers and parents were so PROUD of us!

We also got to a pantomime called Buffy and the Beanstalk! It was so funny and we loved travelling at the top of the bus.

Since we came back to school, We had friendship week where we explored what it means to be a good friend and we were able to come up with lots of examples.

Finally, we started Mindfulness and story massage with Una! It is our favourite time of the week. We love listening to hear stories, doing our breathing exercises and most importantly helping our friends relax with our special hand movement during story massage.


Room 7

We are having great fun in room 7 learning through playful activities. We use Numicon when learning Maths. It’s so much fun!

We have spent a lot of time doing fun activities to build up our muscles, like playdough disco, building blocks and tweezer.

We love practicing mindfulness in our classroom with Una too. Story massage is our favourite!